Knudsen Juice Reviews


"Sensible Sippers" juice boxes - great for kids!

 Tried one of these this afternoon at the SF Green Fest.  Super cute little juicebox (adorned with the Berenstein Bears characters).  Tasted exactly like Capri Sun (I had the Fruit Punch flavor) but with less sugar!! (note: if kids are used to super sweet drinks like Capri Sun, this will taste noticeably less so/different...) This is totally the way to go for kids' drinks -- 50% organic juice and 50% water, which reduces the amt of sugar in each serving, plus fewer calories!  Contains no added sugar, articifical flavors, preservatives, and is certified organic.  Two thumbs up for taste, content, etc.  Only downside is the packaging on the little juice boxes (minus a half star). 

Mmm, organic juice


Pros: Organic, tasty, comes in glass bottles

I haven't tried every flavor of Knudsen juice but all the kinds I've had I've enjoyed.  My particular favorites are the pear and the cranberry pomegranate juices. In terms of taste, I think they're great.  They're made with real organic juices and filtered water (not jam packed with high fructose corn syrup or anything like that).  None of the ones I've tried have been too sweet (the pear is quite mild and refreshing). When it comes to packaging, I do always like glass bottles.  The juice box versions are certainly handy for big kid or little kid lunches, but they do add to the waste stream so I tend to opt for the "bulk" options of the bottles.

Tasty Juice


Pros: Good flavors, convenient packaging

Cons: Packaging

 We haven't tried the fruit punch flavor, but my daughter has drank the apple and a couple others.  Overall she liked them.  Now, the juice box is convenient which I like, but it's also more wasteful which I try to avoid.  But all in all it's a good product.