Kiwi Fuel Saving Device Reviews


Finally I can drive fuel efficiently

Ive always tried to drive green, but I was never sure how and if I was. This product basically gives me the ability to know exactly how to drive green as well as see the benefits of driving green in dollars and cents. I just ordered one and I cant wait to get it!!!! WIth gas prices they way they are I really don't know why anyone wouldnt want this product. Thank You KIWI

Kiwi is more than a gas saving device


Pros: small form fit and function piece of sophisticated automotive electronics

Cons: The flower animation does not do much!

I have owned a Kiwi when it first came out into the market in June, and I say I am very happy with it. I think Kiwi designer has put in a lot of thoughts into the product. Kiwi is more than a simple gas saving device. Its concept is to bring conscious and responsibility to the driver to be aware of his/her driving habit and to change it to drive more greenly.  I found many useful features builded in with the product. The neatest thing is it reports the cost of each trip for the driver to be conscious not to spend $5 worth of gas just to go buy a a pack of gum. It's also pretty intellegent that it automatically detects different OBDII standards in the cars and automatically adjust itself...
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