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Kiss My Face Active Enzyme Deodorant Stick


Pros: eco-friendly

Cons: makes you smell bad after a while

I got this product because I was looking for a natural, invisible deodorant that smelled good. After a few days of using it I noticed I had this weird BO smell. I would apply the deodorant again and it would go away for about two hours and then come back. It was actually the deodorant making me smell bad, like strong, gross BO. This was on the weekend, when I was at home relaxing, not doing anything that would make me sweat a lot. This is probably the worst deodorant I've ever used, I actually smell better when I don't wear it. If I could give it negative stars I would.


Pros: fragrance free

Cons: sticky

Unfortunately this is not a winner for me... It does go on clear and does not stain the clothes, something that I love. It is also fragrance free. I haven't tested it in extreme conditions but my guess is that it will not do a great job. On a regular day with moderate sweating it will keep the odor down but not completely under control, maybe reapplication would help. The huge problem that I found with this is that it is rather sticky and fuzz from the clothes will stick under your armpits, not a pretty sight in the summer!!!


update: this is one of the few products that I actually threw out without using it up! I started noticing that my clothes and pits had a very strong unpleasant smell and thought it was just my sweat. I switched to another deodorant for a day or 2 and even went without and it was definitely the deodarant that made me smell so bad (really, I smelled better without anything)! I don't know about you but I thought deodorants are supposed to do the opposite...


Pros: controls odor, goes on clear w/no residue

Cons: occasionally itchy

I really like this deodorant. Unless I'm having a really active day, I don't have to reapply. If I expect to be extra sweaty, I'll usually reapply just before the activity, and that seems to work just fine. I notice an immediate reduction in body odor when I apply. It goes on smooth and clear, and it doesn't leave any residue on my clothes.

The only issue I have with this deodorant is that I'm an intermittent armpit-shaver, and on days 2-3 after shaving, it makes my armpits itch. If I shave everyday, it doesn't bother me, and once I get past that 3rd day, it's fine. So I think the itching just depends on your shaving habits.

All in all, though, I really like it.  The price is a little high, but with so few deodorant options for women, I'm willing to pay it for one that works!


Pros: works well on a normal work day

Cons: Doesn't stand up to a long day in the heat

I use this for normal days when I know I'll be at the office, and it works great. But I find that if I'm outside working, or if I have an extra-hectic day at work, or even if I get very nervous or stressed-out - anything that makes you sweat more - then I can smell me. And if I can smell me, other people probably can too. My work has private restrooms, so it's easy to freshen up, but unfortunately I can't trust this product in more challenging situations. When I run out of it one day, I don't think I'll buy it again.

Kiss My Face Active Enzyme Deodorant Stick

obsessivelynatural™ * 30% More Free! * No Parabens! * p.g. free * With Baking Soda & Clay! * Neutralizes & Eliminates Odor * No Artificial Fragrance * Lasts All Day * Colorless * Really Works! * pH Balanced * 100% Biodegradable This product contains no animal ingredients, no artificial colors and was not tested on animals. Vegan

Size2.48 oz
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Glycerin, Water (Deionized), Sodium Stearate, Disodium Cocoamidopropionate, Saccharomyces Ferment (Natural Vegetable Enzyme), Corn Starch, 1, 2 Octanediol 2-Phenoxyethanol (Coconut Oil Derived), Sodium Hydroxymethlyglycinate, Sorbitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin, Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Polysorbate 20


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