Kirk's Castile Soap


Pros: might be good for laundry

Cons: expensive

I tried this soap with the idea that it was all natural, soothing, etc. The first time I washed my face with it, it completely dried my skin as if I used Ivory soap. The second time I tried it, it started stinging my nose, eyebrow and upper cheek area. When I looked in the mirror, I had severe dry wrinkles under eye/upper cheek area. For days after, I felt a low stinging sensation. I use Crossover soap now and it is soothing, calming, moisturizing, etc. Everything I thought this soap was. After extreme research, I found out true castile soap came from a city in Spain of the same name. It is made with pure olive oil, ONLY! It was written in the articles, "anything else is considered imitation castile." Although, it might be excellent in my laundry recipe. I will try.


Pros: rinses clean without drying out

Cons: No liquid version

Excellent item.  I use the coconut version with fragrance. Cleared up my acne that no other "acne product" could.  Highly recommend.  I buy mine from Health Hutt in western Michigan.


I use this for so much.  I wash my face with it, my husband uses it in the shower, and mostly I use it for making laundry detergent.  It's natural and grates well in the food processor.  It also isn't loaded with strong fragrances like that Fels Naptha soap.  I'll be using Kirk's Castile for the rest of my life!

Kirk's Castile Soap

A natural soap that has a ton of uses.

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