Kettle Tortilla Chips

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Pros: Nice and thick

Cons: Some chips are super salty

So to be clear, thus far I've only tried the Yellow Corn chips.  I'm more or less satisfied with the bag I'm currently working on.  I know, I know..."more or less" isn't exactly a stellar review.  On the whole, I'm a big fan of Kettle chips.  And most of the chips in this bag have been good.  I really like that they're not wimpy (i.e. their quite thick and they don't snap when you're scooping up salsa or anything).  They're a great texture and a nice flavor.  My only real issue is that some of the chips are way saltier than others.  And some of them are just ridiculously salty.  The other thing is, just be warned that if you have a small bowl of salsa/guacamole/etc., the dipping action will be a little tough as the chips are on the big side and some are pretty flat (so the bowl-scoop isn't so easy).


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gotta admit, from the get-go, that this is a biased review because i'm not a huge fan of yellow corn chips (version i tried).  i only bought these because i knew that guests would like them.


that said, these weren't half bad.  i actually didn't find them to be over salted (just the right amount of salt).  i don't generally like the distinct flavor of corn chips (as opposed to chips made from flour tortillas), but the flavor of these chips isn't tooo strong.  also, these chips work well with dips (guacamole).  nonetheless, i wouldn't want to eat these alone -- but that may have more to do with my not liking these types of chips, generally.


Pros: addictive (is that good?), crunchy


Wow...I need a gallon of water to re-center myself. I have a number of friends who individually salt every tortilla chip before the salsa dipping commences (mostly ladies...what's the deal there?) well they should look no further, these things are as salty as it gets.


did I say they were salty yet? That said, after having 5 or 6, I wanted more for the next half hour, so they're obviously not completely terrible.

Kettle Tortilla Chips

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