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Kettle Organic Potato Chips


Pros: Organic

Cons: Not as thick or as tasty as the non-organic chips

Eh....I really really wanted to just love these chips.  Because I LOVE the non-organic Kettle chips.  And I just don't.  So let me explain the two star rating...compared to any other potato chip brand, they are great.  Hands down, I'd pick these any time.  But I'm holding these Kettle chips to the standard of the non-organic Kettle potato chips.


The non-organic kind are...well, they're amazing.  They're thick and so flavorful.  Great crunch.  I could go on and on.  I was hoping for the same thing from the organic kind...just with the added bonus of being organic.  But unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. 


The Sea Salt & Black Pepper organic chips are not really like the Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper non-organics in terms of flavor.  The non-organics have some good peppery kick to them...and the organic ones...they fall a little flat.


As much as I want to support their organic chip line, I have to say, I'll buy the non-organics next time.

Kettle Organic Potato Chips

No trans fats, no preservatives, non GMO potatoes and oils, no artificial whatchamacallits. Who needs it when our obsession for potato perfection results in award-winning chips, naturally. Chipotle Chili Barbeque Now organic is for the flavor seekers. These potato chips are summer simplicity in health and taste. Bite into these mouth-watering treats and they might just curl your sombrero! Let your mouth be the meeting place for our smoky chipotle chili and its sweet barbeque sauce companion. Organic flavor. Share the love. Lightly Salted Now organic is for the flavor seekers. As potato-purists, we’re obsessed with perfection. So we searched high and low for undisputed organic potato excellence. Determined not to disrupt this flawless potato flavor, we hand cook these beauties in small batches and coat them with a kiss of salt. Organic flavor. Share the love. Sea Salt & Black Pepper Now organic for the for flavor seekers. These good-for-the-earth potatoes deserve dazzling spice. Impeccably poised, our salt and black pepper seasoning will restore your flavor equilibrium – a little light with your dark, a little sweet for your sharp. Enjoy this perfect balance of spice. Organic flavor. Share the love.

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IngredientsOrganic select Russet potatoes, organic expeller pressed high monounsaturated safflower and/or sunflower oil, sea salt.
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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Organic Food & Drink › Snacks & Sweets › Kettle Organic Potato Chips