Kavu Hemp Harbor Pant


Pros: Hemp/Cotton, cool style, priced right

Cons: runs a bit long in the inseam

New favorite pants, bought at the same time I bought my Kavu Bamboozler shirts. Totally comfortable, I wore them out of the store. Great material (hemp/cotton blend), rugged, sustainable, good sturdy construction. Lots of deep pockets with internal pockets for keys and change. Lots of belt loops to eliminate the dreaded "working pants crack". Look natural and relaxed, but suitable for work or going out. Very solid deal at $50.00.

Kavu Hemp Harbor Pant

Really rugged and stylish pants. I bought them for work and wore them out of the store. Solid hemp/cotton construction, great color, good fit. They match my Bamboozler Kavu shirt, but also many other shirts. Deep pockets, with handy extra internal pockets (2). Lots of belt loops! Solid value at $50.00.

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