Kavu Bamboo button-down oxford Reviews

Great Value Great Shirt


Pros: bamboo/viscose, stylish, rugged

Cons: made in China (sustainably but far away), somewhat expensive

Best shirt I own, bought from a fantastic salesperson at a fantastic local store, Kavu. I missed their big warehouse sale, but they gave me a discount anyway. I bought 2 more of each item when they said they'd be giving me the discount as a thanks. This shirt is kind of western-feeling in the shoulder and chest design, but it also makes it more of a "going out" possibility rather than just the work shirt I bought it to be. They also gave me a tip on a good local embroidery company since it's going to be a logo-shirt for my residential and small biz energy auditing company. I like the feeling of bamboo, it's got a great heft without feeling droopy, it's going to last a long time, and...
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