Kashi Organic Cereal Reviews


hmm... good


Pros: perfect with fresh strawberries

Cons: price

This cereal has the perfect taste to put fresh strawberries on :) It was a hit with both my husband and I. We bought it when it was on sale and with a $1.50 off 2 boxes coupon, otherwise it's way out of our price range, but I will def be looking for more coupons and sales for it :)

Love That Cinnamon


Pros: Really great cinnamon taste, good fiber and whole grain

Cons: Sugar and price

 I love this cereal.  My kids like it too.  It has wonderful cinnamon flavor and crunch.  I wish there was a little less sugar, but I'm funny like that.  I'm glad it has whole grain and fiber.  I'd definitely recommend this cereal.