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Kaia Foods Premium Raw Granola


Pros: healthy, raw, chewy,

Cons: Very very pricey

I'm not a big fan of raisins or coconut in sweets, so when I saw these listed in the ingredients I was a bit afraid to try the snack. Then I tasted it. I was impressed. The taste was appealingly sweet and raw, but I would have liked a little less raisin taste to it, maybe more cocoa or craisins instead of raisins. The texture was a good combination of chewy and crunchy.  I would have liked more crunch to it though, maybe bigger chunks of walnut and seeds or more walnut chunks and seeds. I'm most impressed about the process in which this snack is made. It is completely raw. How? Kaia, soaks, mixes, grinds, and dehydrates" the ingredients. They are not baked, fried, bleached or unnaturally preserved. We would all be much healthier individuals if we always ate like this. So though I'm not sure why the snack is so pricey (maybe the raw process is expensive) I will be looking out for coupons and discounts to buy some more.


Pros: Flavorful

Cons: Pricey

Of the three Kaia Foods Granola that Ive tried, the Dates and Spices are by far the best. Im not a huge fan of the cocoa bliss, its just to sweet for me. I love granola for backpacking or day hiking and this granola is just perfect for both. Its light weight for carrying around. I only have to eat a small amount in order to feel pretty full, which is what Im looking for while hiking. 

Even when Im not hiking, this granola is a great snack. Since this is a raw food, while snacking I feel like at least Im snacking on something healthy and good for me. Enjoy!!!!


Pros: organic, raw, full of nutritious ingredients, not too much sodium, not too sweet

Cons: a little on the pricier side

As Deej mentioned in his review, the other day I got a chance to go over to the kaia foods HQ and check out the production scene.  Beyond having a great time chatting with Nick Kelley, kaia's founder, and seeing the process behind the granola...well...the granola is just fantastic. 


The texture of the granola is really nice.  If you're lucky, you'll have some lovely clusters to snack on at the top, then maybe toward the bottom of the bag, you'll find the granola to be a little finer and less clumpy.  There's a really great crunchiness to it, and of course, all the raw goodness/gluten-free/full of fiber/organic ingredients make for wholesome eating.  Given that the granola comes in resealable bags, it's perfect for taking it on a hike.


I've tried all three flavors now.  I just LOVE the Raisin Cinnamon and Dates & Spices kinds (and truthfully, until now I didn't really enjoy the raisin).  I like Cocoa Bliss too but it's (of course) sweeter than the other two.  I think Raisin Cinnamon and Dates & Spices are a little more all-purpose.  What I mean by that is that when you still have the clusters, they're great for snacking right out of the bag.  But when you get a bag that has few clusters, you still have the option to eat the granola with milk (cow, soy, or otherwise) or maybe even sprinkle it on some yogurt.  I personally think the Cocoa Bliss flavor would be perhaps a bit too sweet for eating it like a cereal.


Beyond being a delicious and nutritious granola, kaia foods also donates 1% of sales to the UN Food Programme.  So bonus points there.  And double bonus points for selling the granola in bulk at some stores.


At the end of the day, kaia foods granola might be a little more expensive but...I for one think it's well worth it.


Pros: raw, organic, delicious

Cons: a tad pricey

When Stins visited Kaia's "factory" and video interviewd Nick (, she returned with some of their amazing granola. I have been eating the Raisin Cinnamon and it's really good stuff.


The granola is in little bite-sized clusters, so it's easy to snack on - I'll definitely try it as cereal ASAP too. Great product and highly recommended from nutrition to taste!

Kaia Foods Premium Raw Granola

Our premium raw granola is delicious and innovative. It is made with buckwheat, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, flax seeds, agave nectar (well known for its low glycemic properties), plus dried fruits and seasonings. kaia foods’ Premium Raw Granola is excellent straight out of the bag, or enjoyed with fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, raw nut milk, soymilk, and soygurt, too. Yum! Benefits. The benefits of kaia foods' raw granola are too great to enumerate entirely, but here's a short list. kaia foods raw granola is: * incredibly tasty! * ‘au naturel’ or ‘raw.’ * gluten-free. * vegan. * cholesterol-free. * high in fiber. you’ll be as regular as a German train. no, in fact, more so. * a complete protein. * jam-packed with many nutrients such as omega-3’s, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. * made with low-glycemic ingredients. Flavors Cocoa Bliss. Too good to be true. Antioxidant-rich cocoa is highlighted by a subtle blend of flavors and kissed by low-glycemic agave nectar. It’s dreamy with fresh berries. Dates & Spices. An indulgent blend of fiber-laden dates and cozy spices. It’s amazing with peaches. Raisin Cinnamon. A tried and true combination of antioxidant-rich raisins and blood sugar-friendly cinnamon, plus hints of exotic spices and flavors. It’s scrumptious with sliced bananas.

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