John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray Reviews


sea waves in my naturally boring hair


Pros: definitely leaves a nice scent, i feel like it works for the most part

Cons: none

i bought this to hopefully help placate my un-oompf-y tresses. it definitely did something. it works really well at the roots to give my hair a little extra natural lift. i love using it and i like the way my hair smells when i use it. it doesn't dry out my hair like many products do.

I'm in love with this product


Pros: lavender scented, light and simple ingredients

Cons: not so good for the skin

I love this spray because it's easy to apply (obviously), it's light but also provides the right amount of "dirt" right after I wash my hair. On the downside, a bit of the saltiness comes out on my hands when I play with my hair throughout the day. I feel a little ridiculous for paying $17 for salt and water, but I love the product and I don't mind supporting John Masters Organics so that justifies the spending.