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Pros: Great topics, friendly but knowledgeable style, awesome images

Cons: Huh - I'm not sure they know the word con

It's hard to say enough nice things about Jetson Green. I adore this blog. I don't visit daily, but I visit often and catch up. The best thing about Jetson Green, in my opinion, is that it doesn't come of snotty. I used to write for an architecture blog, and visited arch blogs daily, and many do come across a little like, "We know more than you do... na na na." Not Jetson Green though. The fact that they're a green building blog on top of a nice architecture blog is just the cherry on the cake. The team could be snotty too. The Jetson Green writing team is made up of folks who have worked in various areas of green - from building to landscaping to art. Read more here.About the...
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