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Pros: Great topics, friendly but knowledgeable style, awesome images

Cons: Huh - I'm not sure they know the word con

It's hard to say enough nice things about Jetson Green. I adore this blog. I don't visit daily, but I visit often and catch up. The best thing about Jetson Green, in my opinion, is that it doesn't come of snotty. I used to write for an architecture blog, and visited arch blogs daily, and many do come across a little like, "We know more than you do... na na na." Not Jetson Green though. The fact that they're a green building blog on top of a nice architecture blog is just the cherry on the cake.

The team could be snotty too. The Jetson Green writing team is made up of folks who have worked in various areas of green - from building to landscaping to art. Read more here.

About the posts:

Jetson Green covers tons of categories from LEED homes, to innovations in city planning, to greener condos and townhomes, and lots more. They don't just showcase dwellings and other structures though, they also cover green building events, contests, and offer tips about green building. Additionally they have enough yummy structure images to make the blog sufficiently drool worthy.

The have a new green job site up too where you can browse cool green places to work and make great book recommendations.

Some of my favorite posts:

Johnson Creek weeHouse Prefab Home

Modern Sky Hill Townhomes in Atlanta

Wow! Industrial Container Home in New Zealand

13 Innovative Green Building Designs, Lifecycle Building Challenge Winners!


Storage shed to guest house makeover

Other goodies: 

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From the blog: Jetson Green is a daily updated magazine that's obsessed with green building and everything related to it, including sustainable architecture, good design, green prefab, clean technology in the built environment, affordable housing, and eco-friendly development. Our goal is this: to help you become as obsessed with green building as we are. This is a place where curious, open-minded, demanding, entrepreneurial, and innovative readers are welcome. We hope you like it and hope you'll contribute. Leave comments. Volunteer to write articles. Email a contributor. Become obsessed.

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