Java Juice Organic Liquid Coffee Extract Reviews


Java Juice(R) Organic Liquid Coffee Extract


Pros: organic, fairly traded, light weigh, portable versitile

Cons: comes in one size so far

What is Java Juice®?  It’s a 100% liquid, organic coffee extract. A little half-ounce pouch of delicious liquid coffee extract that turns into a gourmet cup of Joe…any where, any time… it’s just that easy!  Just add hot or cold water to you personal taste. Where ever you go- just add water, coffee’s is ready. With a PSI RATING of 200 lbs. So it won break in your pack. Also you can cook with it!! Anything from espresso brownies to a Jav tini!The 1/2 oz. packet is lightweight & easy. Just add clean water to liquid Java Juice® for a hot or cold cup of delicious organic coffee on the go. Machine less coffee means no need for equipment needed for brewing.  Anti-oxidant rich.  Zero fat &...
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