Ipe Decking and Decks

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Ipe Decking and Decks

Ipe Decking (Brazilian Walnut) is olive brown to black often with variegated striping. Ipe Texture is fine to medium, grain straight to irregular. Ipe is one of the hardest woods on the planet and an extremely popular choice for decking in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Ipe Decking is perfect for exterior residential and commercial applications such as boatdocks, decking, boardwalks, pool decking, foot bridges, and so forth. Ipe can be sealed to maintain its natural color and beauty, or allowed to weather to a beautiful silver gray color. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack. Ipe Decking offers a 100+ year lifespan without preservatives! Our Ipe decking is responsibly harvested from managed forest to provide a renewable resource. Unlike Composites, Ipe is a natural resource that will bio-degrade vs clog landfills. We ship our Ipe decking products direct to your home or job site.

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