Inhabitots Reviews


Inhabitots - Sustainable design for the next generation


Pros: Glossy, beautiful images, great sustainable products, tips on how to live green as a parent but with style

Cons: Sometimes features super expensive products

My disclaimer up front is that I'm a freelance writer at Inhabitots, however, I would read this blog regardless. I actually do read most of the posts there by other bloggers because the whole darn team is so eco-savvy, hip, and smart and before I ever worked at Inhabitots I read their parent/partner blog, Inhabitat for years. That said, now I'll tell you about the blog. Inhabitots covers all things green for parents only with a design savvy, trendy slant. All products featured at Inhabitots meet specific eco criteria regarding child safety, materials, and company policies. The types of products shown are always either outstandingly beautiful, trend setting kid tech minded, or new...
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