iMoto 2 Verde Electric Scooter Reviews


Affordable electric moped


Pros: Cheap, fun

Cons: Some trouble in wet conditions, a bit underpowered, shot battery life

I bought the Verde a local electric cars shop because I was looking for an affordable environmentally friendly commute option during the winter (when I prefer not to bike). At first it had problems because the motor controller would get wet on rainy days and short out. After a few trips back to the electric cars shop, the technicians managed to waterproof it and move the controller to an dryer area underneath the scooter. Ever since then the only problem I've had is that one of the wires came loose, which was an easy fix for the technicians. I've now put about 2500 miles on the scooter commuting on it essentially every day during the winter and about half the time in the spring. The...
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imoto2 verde scooter problem


Pros: could be fun, inexpensive

Cons: with only 35 mi. and 1 ride, in the garage it sits

I too had to replace the batteries and my verde has only 35 mi. on it. However, this is not surprising after the battery manufacturer explained that most people who own scooters "overcharge" them by quite a few hours and apparently I fell into this catagory.. He then told me that with electric scooters you Do Not leave the chargers on overnite. The batteries only need charged for double the hours that it was ridden. ie.- Ride for 2 hours, Charge for 4 hours. Having said this, it is understandable why when the battery case was opened the 4 batteries inside looked like they were thrown on the BBQ for 4 days!  Now, after having changed them and charging them for the appropriate amount of...
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