Ikove Organic Amazonian Acerola Bath & Shower Gel Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great, Green and Certified Organic


Pros: It's a great shower gel. Scented with organic essential oils and really gentle on skin...

Cons: none

This is a great shower gel. It's gentle on skin, without all the bad stuff (no parabens, no SLS, no artificial fragrnce). This shower gel is scented with essential oils that smell great... I just love it! It doesn't sudz as much those chemical shower gel... but believe me this is a good thing!!!

Negative Reviews



I do not recommend this body wash.  While the product boasts natural and organic ingredients, it has not much else.  The scent is very light -- not off-putting, but nothing memorable.  It lathers extremely poorly (you need a ton just to create a slight lather).  Furthermore, it's kind of expensive -- at least on par with other, better body washes.