Ikea Frost Drying Rack


Pros: Large. Easy. Easy to store. Price is great

Cons: Ikea won't ship this item

 I love this rack. I bought my first one many years ago, and used it often. A couple of years at the beach finally took its toll on the finish, but I recall the price being very close to what I paid for my new one. I also bought these cute "octopus hangers" to hand from the rack and clip up to 8 pair of socks for drying.
I am the least "green" person you would ever know; but I am frugal. This deal cannot be beat!


Pros: Cheap, decently sturdy since all metal

Cons: Wobbly, clothes overlap when you hang them; hanging is a pain

 The pros and cons just about sum it up. This rack also folds up very flat which is nice. Other than that I would never buy a rack like this again because it is just a pain to hang clothes on. Racks with parallel lines that are easily accessible are much better. Additionally, many of the bars on this rack are so close to the ground that you can't hang anything but boxes and maybe shirts on them.


Pros: holds loads of clothes

Cons: none

I don't like using a dryer and have been looking for a decent drying rack for a very long time. I tried the wooden ones from the big box stores and they fell apart after a few uses (and they cost the same if not more). Once I got this baby I never looked back!


It is easy to unfold and holds 2 loads of clothes. No other drying rack I've tried will do that. It pays itself off very quickly if you add up the cost of using a dryer. When it folds up it takes very little space so it can easily fit behind a door or something. Plus it's very sturdy and has no parts that will fall apart or anything. I have been using it for 2 years now and it still looks as new.


The only thing is, you need to go to IKEA to get it. They won't ship...

Ikea Frost Drying Rack

Key features: Suitable for outdoor use; plastic layer with UV protection reduces the risk of cracks and moisture. Folds to save space when not in use. Product dimensions: Length: 52 ¾ " Width: 22 " Height: 36 ½ " Length: 134 cm Width: 56 cm Height: 93 cm Good to know: 20 yards of clothes line. product description: Steel, Pigmented polyethylene powder coating

Additional Features
Release Date
Feet of Drying Space20 yards
Rack TypeIndoor foldable
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC