Ikea ANTONIUS Height Adjustable Clothes Dryer Reviews


Very handy, requires some installation work


Pros: It goes up (out of the way), cost effective

Cons: you probably require additional hardware to hang this.

Drying your laundry on a clothes line and not in a gas or electric dryer is 100% Green.  This is one possible options.   I have 5 or these; 3 older style which have metal rods (no clothes line) and 2 newer style which is a metal frame with the clothes line.  I much prefer the newer style because the clothes pins stay on the clothes line better then they stay on the metal rods.   I use these outdoors under an arbor and I have run the rope lines through some extra pulleys.  My goals were to have a clothes line dryer that would disappear when not in use and to hang clothes out of the way when drying.  This succeeded on both counts.  I lower the...
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