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ICI Paints Freshaire Choice Paint


Pros: Zero VOC in paint and tint, low odor,

Cons: no custom color matching, coverage questionable

I was looking for a zeroVOC paint where I could also get the tinting with zero VOCs as well and I could only find a few products and Freshaire was one of them.  Most "Zero" VOC paints put 150 grams of VOCs back into the paint with the tint.  The paint comes with a pre measured packet of colorant so you are getting consistent matching paint if you should ever need more later on.  Another feature I like about the paint was that Freshaire uses 100% recycled materials for the can, the can is recyclable when you are done, 75% recycled fiber material is used for the can’s label, the label is printed with soy ink.   We painted over a pre-painted wall and although one coat coverage was all that was needed it took about four passes with the roller and the next day there was still a lot of thin areas or not covered areas so we had to do a lot of touch up work.  I have never had this problem with any other product.  It also went on real blotchy and streaky but came out fine when it dried.  We were planning on doing our whole house with this product but I am going to return the rest of the paint and go with a different product either Myhtic or Yolo and I will post my results.     


Pros: Low odor

Cons: Let's see...poor coating quality, poor masking release, mediocre swatch matching.

My wife picked this paint out at Home Depot due to the claim of low odor. Stuff costs about $40.00 per gallon vs about $23.00 for Behr Premium Plus. As a professional painter, I am always a bit skeptical of "green claims" that a produc is better just because it's "green."
I was right about this paint. Their claim about the odor being low is correct. The performance of the paint is fair to poor when compared to Behr...heck, it's fair compared to regular Glidden and that's saying alot! With an already primed room she had to coat THREE times.Bear in mind that I do this stuff for a living so after 20 years I've figured out how to paint.
The color was quite a bit off from the swatch, so  we ended up going over this stuff with some Behr PP. One coat and done there!
This paint also had poor masking release. I've masked a few times in my day and have seldom seen mask tears like this.
I would not recommend buying this stuff unless the standard latex paints really bother you. Plan on a few extra coats as well. Remove mask as you go and prepare to touch up.


Pros: Price, performance, colors

Cons: none

Wow,  what a great paint.  there is no smell and it covers really well.  best of all there are no voc in the product even when tinted.  great colors!  Great price for what it compares to.


Pros: no stink,

Cons: cost

We painted the wainscoting that I just installed with this paint. We used white semi-gloss. It looks great. It was nice to be able to paint and not have the entire house stinking.

ICI Paints Freshaire Choice Paint

The Freshaire Choice™ Paint contains no volatile organic compounds — commonly known as VOCs — harmful chemicals that contribute to poor air quality. Although other paints may claim to have no VOCs, what they don't tell you is that these chemicals are put back into the paint once the color is added. Our paint leads the industry with an innovative, eco-friendly solution that contains no VOCs in the colorant — the exclusive, pre-measured ColorFresh™ delivery system. Now you can choose from 65 gorgeous colors and feel better knowing that the cleaner air inside your home is good for your family because our paint is certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), a well-respected industry-independent, non-profit organization that provides verification for low-emitting products.

Additional FeaturesAvailable in 3 sheens (flat, eggshell, semi-gloss); Interior paint, drywall interior primer, ceiling paint
ColorAvailable in 65 colors
Green Seal CertifiedNo; Green Guard certified
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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