Horizon Organic Milk Reviews

Positive Reviews



Pros: Great tasting, good for me, good for the cow, good for the environment

Cons: price

I really am a fan of my milk and I am glad that horizon has recently gained such a broad dispersal and is available in almost every grocery store in my area. This milk is Delicious and healthy the cows aren't pumped with random chemicals or treated poorly. I used to have to go to a specialty store in order to get organic milk but now I can pick it up right at my local store. I mentioned price as a con not because it is overly expensive but simply because it is not the same price as the standard milks and I feel that this incremental difference in price keeps many average consumers from making the organic milk their standard milk.

Great Milk


Pros: Great taste, easy to find, organic

Cons: Tends to be pricy

I had this milk a few weeks back and it was great tasting and organic!  The only down side was the price...

I grew up on this stuff....

 Horizon Organic Nonfat milk was what I grew up on...  Great stuff.  I'd still buy it as frequently today if it weren't so expensive...it's always significantly more than other brands (even other organic brands ) -- at least that's my in-store impression.  At any rate, good products (I like their yogurts, too!), but pricey.

Negative Reviews


Good deal, too bad it's not really organic


Pros: lactose free available

Cons: not truly organic

I picked these up because they were on half off sale at a local grocery store which made them cheaper then even conventional lactose free milk. They taste fine, but from doing some research I was disappointed to find that Horizon has been caught time and again trying to pull the wool over our eyes about the fact that they are not really organic. that the feed to the cows is conventional (after the feed they used to initially get their organic stamp they switched back) that the cows that are labels 'organic' milk cows are processed in the same plants as their counterparts under the same conditions. this made me very sad to see a manufacturer obviously not care about being organic, just...
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Horizon Milk


Pros: taste

Cons: not sure how organic this product really is

i just watched a video from the cornucopia institute and followed up by reading some articles on Dr. Mercola's website.   I was sadden to hear and read, that Horizon Milk isn't all it's advertised to be.  I feel duped.  I've lost confidence in their product and their company's business ethics.  Read and listen for yourself being supporting this company or consuming their products.  

Will not buy anymore...


Pros: none

Cons: not true organic practices

I am very dissapointed to learn about Horizon's practices.  I've been buying their milk when I cant get my raw milk but I will not be buying anymore.  To find out how they raise their herd is appalling.  :(

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What's in it?


Pros: Tastes ok

Cons: Adverse reaction

I have an almost-$8-gallon jug of Horizon milk in my fridge right now.  I had my first full glass this morning and shortly after started experiencing severe heart palpitations - something that happens when I consume flavor enhanced foods and beverages.  Considering nothing else in my diet has been out of the ordinary or flavorfully enhanced, and considering the things I've read today about Horizon's unethical practices, it makes me suspicious of the milk.  I think I'll stick to my "local" diary.  Even though it's a 60 mile drive, they have happy cows and I can trust the products.

Who's your owner.


Pros: none

Cons: How does organic milk have a 1 month self life

I can not understand how this compant can carry an Organic Label on it?

Tastes good....It's a shame it's not truly organic!


Pros: It says organic on the label....

Cons: It isn't.....

Wow!  I love the taste of this milk and I love milk.  I am saddened to find out the practices they follow.  Atrocious!  I think I have "Mad" human disease after finding this out....What a shame...I like the taste but I am now not going to buy it any more.

Milk it does a body good


Pros: Tastes good, Last's long

Cons: Kind of expensive

I've bought some cheaper at a store but this one seems to last longer then most. I don't now if that's good or bad though. I buy it sometimes when I can't find Organic Raw Whole Milk.

1/2 a gallon fo red, 1/2 a gallon of white


Pros: Always in my refridgerator

Cons: Expensive, doesn't taste like my Trader Joe's whole milk

There is always either a 1/2 a gallon of white Horizion milk or a 1/2 of red Horizon milk in my fridge. I'm a Trader Joe's type of milk guy - a gallon of whole milk. I recently tried the Horizon milk since my roomate always drinks this brand. It felt really weird at first because it didn't have the thickness and wasn't as flavorful as my Trader Joe's brand. I also saw the price tag on it and I don't think I'd pay $4 for half a gallon of milk - that's just too pricey.

Good Milk


Pros: Organic, taste

Cons: Price

 It's a good product.  My son likes this milk.  I like that it's organic and the cows get fresh air. It is pricey, but everything is now.  I do usually get a different brand because I like the little plastic cap that keeps the milk fresher and it's easier to pour. 

Organic milk


Pros: Hopefully legitimately Organic Milk

Cons: Organic milk is a more expensive...

We have a few different types of organic milk that pass through our home - depending on where we were able to shop more efficiently... Horizon is one of the brands you may find in our fridge - never had a problem with it.  We typically buy the fat-free variety.  Dean Foods / Horizon / Aurora Organic problems seem to be having some issues regarding keeping to the standards for USDA Organic certification - recommended to look into this more.