Honest Tea Reviews


Love this Tea!

I feel bad about buying this, since I can brew a perfectly good cup of tea at home but this tastes so good I make an occasional exception. I have only tried all their green tea and mate varieties and love them all. I am drinking the community green tea right now. They taste good with just a tad of sweetness, so it is not overwhelming and does not ruin the tea taste. Our grocery store offers a 12 pack at a better price but I am put off by the flavors contained in the 12-pack. They are 3 of the more "fruity" varieties, which I will try eventually and see if they are as good as the green tea. I also like the quotes on the inside of the caps and the fact that they state on the label how much...
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Honestly DELICIOUS Tea.


Pros: variety of flavors, not super sweet, tasty

Cons: the price adds up

 Love love LOVE Honest Tea. I've tried the Peach White Tea, Peach Oo-la-long, Lemon Black Tea, and the Orange Mango with Mangosteen (Honest Ade) and they are all delicious. There is a flavor to meet all of one's many tea moods. Mine, anyway. =) I want to try the Pearfect White Tea and the Pomegranate with Goji Berry... The flavors are subtle but there and not too sweet. Great thirst quencher, for sure!

Empty Honest Tea bottles cover my desk


Pros: USDA organic, not too sweet, quite a few varieties, in glass bottles

Well, there aren't actually empty bottles on my desk right now (there is one half full bottle that I'm working on at the moment, however...it's the Pearfect White Tea kind).  But I have been known to enjoy a good bottle of Honest Tea (I think at my worst, I've had about 9 empty bottles on my desk at once).   While it's certainly greener to make my own iced tea, Honest Tea makes it hard.  Their teas are just plain delicious.  I started drinking them while I was in college (I could get four bottles on one meal credit).  I was big into Moroccan Mint back then.  Now I think my favorites are Pomegranate Red Tea, Pearfect White Tea, and Mango Acai White Tea.  Those are on the fruitier, and "a...
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