Honda Metropolitan 2005 Reviews


Inexpensive gas-sipping transportation


Pros: Gorgeous retro, fuel efficient, dependable, extremely affordable

Cons: Not weather-proof, 35mph topspeed, not pothole-proof

The main points are all hit. The style, performance, and affordability of these beauties are all definitely selling points -- affordable not just to purchase but to maintain, fuel, repair, and insure. Rental or home insurance will most likely cover this 49cc scooter for theft. In many states, as in KY, no insurance, registration, or license is required. The cons can be discouraging to those who need to transport a bunch, however, at least consider whether occasionally renting or borrowing a larger vehicle when required would be much cheaper and more environmentally preferable. Finally, never underestimate the fun factor of scooting around in the summer and staying cool and mobile. Traffic...
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Pros: very reliable, lightweight, fuel efficient, durable

Cons: smaller than many other scooters

This is a great scooter.  The water-cooled 50 cc is a rarity - most 50s are air cooled, which increases noise and also decreases engine life.  Honda figured out the scooter engine long ago, and this engine is the gold standard.  The only drwaback of this bike is its size if you are over about 6 feet.  I'm 6-3 and I have to sit on the back of the seat, which isn't the most padded part.  However, it cruises up steep Seattle hills.  I'm a big fan of simple and functional mechanics and this bike embodies that.  I got mine used with 239 miles for $1200