2007 Honda Fit Sport Reviews


Great solution if you can't afford a hybrid


Pros: great value, looks good, LOTS of room

Cons: not a hybrid

The Fit Sport is Honda's offering in the eco-nomy class and competes with the Yaris, Versa, Scion, and other small, efficient cars. The Sport edition comes with a fair amount of features for the price, including power everything, all the airbags you could want in a small car, and a decent stereo. Despite its small size, it has a huge variety of cargo configurations and can really carry a huge amount of stuff. It even holds those bigger items like dressers and was really helpful in my last move. I've averaged around 35 mpg on the highway but only about 27 in heavy traffic city driving. Overall a great option to consider if you're not able to make the hybrid investment.

Fit is Go!


Pros: Honda Quality

Great Honda quality, along with good fuel economy. Handeling is better than peers, maintenance costs are reasonable.