2005 Honda Civic Hybrid Reviews


I Heart My Hybrid


Pros: Great mileage, quiet, looks great

Cons: Not always enough power

A great car. I bought it three months after graduating college and it's treated me great for the three-and-a-half years since. The trip meter tracks gas mileage from the point you reset it, and I usually leveled out around 42. That was with a lot of freeway driving, but still not a bad number. More recently mileage hasn't been quite as good--around 39 MPG over the last 8k miles. Not sure the reason, but it may be that the battery deteriorates. At this point I've put just over 60k miles on it. My single biggest complaint about my car is that it doesn't always have enough power. I have a set of Yakima ski racks that I use during the winter, and the combination of the...
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Love it--stick shift, no ideling at stop lights, great gas milage, quiet


Pros: Dashboard panel helps me drive conservationally

Cons: Automatic shut off sometimes slow to restart

I bought this car used (33,000 mi) off of Craig's list.  If I'm driving up hills with air conditioner on I can only get 38 mi to the gal.  Mostly I'm getting both in town and on the road 45-48 mi/gal.  I did a long trip and got 53 mi/gal.  I love that this car has a stick shift, is quiet, has four doors, and plenty of trunk space.