HOGworks Rainwater HOG


Pros: Well designed and attractive

Finally - an attractive and well designed rainwater harvesting system. Award winning architect Sally Dominguez came up with the rainwater HOG. Found on many of the platinum LEED homes built around the country, each tank stores 51 gallons of water and can be daisy chained. Easy to install and good looking!

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HOGworks Rainwater HOG

The Rainwater HOG is a novel solution to the problem of rainwater or greywater storage in areas where space is at a premium. The Rainwater HOG’s relative small size enables it to fit into many spaced previously not available to water tanks, while its modular design enables it to be extended and capacity increased bit by bit and in multiple locations around your house and property. The Rainwater HOG’s narrow profile makes it the perfect water storage solution along side walls, down narrow passages and underneath decks and house structures. Being able to sit flat, on its side or stand upright on its end the Rainwater HOG is adaptable to almost any situation. The benefits of the Rainwater HOG rain harvesting system: · One of BuildingGreen's 2008 Top-10 Green Building Products. · Capture and store natural rainwater for use during dry summer months. · Simple to install system with ultra-thin profile for storage under decks and in small passages. · Half the footprint of a rain barrel and twice the water pressure for effective hosing. · Aesthetically designed by award winning Australian architect Sally Dominguez. · Each tank holds 51 gallons of rainwater storage. · Multiple tanks can be connected for additional water capacity. · If purchased online includes the inlet kit, connector kit and 10” wall mount kit. · Tanks have spigots that attach to standard hoses for garden watering.

Total VolumeEach Water H2OG tank has a capacity of about 51 gallons.
Additional FeaturesThe external dimensions of a Rainwater HOG are: 71“ x 19.5“ x 8.5“
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