Hills Rotary 500 - "Extra Large" Ocean Breeze

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Hills Rotary 500 - "Extra Large" Ocean Breeze

This rotary clothesline is made by Hills, an Australian company that has been in the clothesline business for over 60 years. Specially designed for durability and strength the main assembly is constructed of powder-coated galv. steel. All lines are individually strung. Folds like a market umbrella and is easily removed for storage. When raised, will spin in the breeze. With arms open and latched, starting height is 5.6ft and hand crank allows for lines to be raised an additional 16in. Once fully raised the Rotary 500 will catch the breeze and spin in the wind while gently drying your laundry. The finely engineered lines are individually strung so there is no fear of a line breaking and having to restring the entire rotary. Also, by removing a line you are able to dry bulkier items such as comforters. This folding line hoist holds the largest amount of clothes (up to four loads of laundry) and linens, (enough room for bed sheets and comforter) with a total line length of almost 184ft. (56m) Diameter of Rotary Post 2.25in and requires 16.4ft (5m) diameter of yard space; outermost line is 8.6ft (2.6m) in length. Rotary 500 comes with a ground socket that is easily set into the ground with gravel and cement. A set of spacers to raise the height of your rotary, if needed. A ground socket cap to be used if you remove the rotary and complete instructions. Line drying reduces your energy costs and extends the life of your clothing.

Additional FeaturesRequires on 16.4ft (5m) diameter of yard space; outermost line is 8.6ft (2.6m) in length
Release DateAvailable now in the US!
Feet of Drying SpaceTotal line length of almost 184ft. (56m)
Rack TypeGround mounted (outdoor)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC