Hills Rotary 450 - "Large" Ocean Breeze Reviews


Why I love my Hills Rotary


Pros: Easy to use, folds down and covers like an umbrella, spins in the breeze, very well made, remove from yard if you want your yard space.

Cons: Can't think of one.

 I bought my rotary last spring. Don't let the price scare you. You get what you pay for . . . have you seen the real cheap ones at Lowes or Home Depot? They will not last and you will be sorry you bought and inferior brand. This Rotary is very well made and very high quality. For as funny as it sounds, I was so excited to begin my new venture in line drying. I have always used a dryer and only hung clothes out on a drying rack. I really find this rotary clothesline so easy to use. Crank it open, load the laundry, crank it higher so it sets the line and then with any gentle breeze the lines spin and your clothes dry. My kids love watching it spin. I like getting outside and getting some...
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rotary 400


Pros: everything

Cons: none

I was looking for a good clothes line that would last me a long time and save me money not having to use my dryer and something that was removeable. I found the rotary 400 online and after reading up on it I decide to buy one and see how it works..Well let me tell you this was money well  spent. I live in Florida and with the hot days we have here it is a pleasure to hang the clothes out. The durability and quality on this is extremely good. The rotary rotates when the wind blows it.  It is good to smell the freshness on the clothes when I take them down.. You can buy other clothes lines out there for less money but it will not be as good...
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