High Country Kombucha Tea


I have tried them and they are good they give you energy and picks you up. I would recommend this to others. Goooooooooooooooooood Stuff !!!!!!!!!!!


Pros: none

Cons: awful, horrible, stinky, made me throw up a little

wow, this is the worst thing i have ever smelled or drank.  i cannot fathom someone liking this. i only tried the "root" flavor which i am quite sure should have an "o" taken out, as "rot" about sums up the stink and grotesque taste of this beverage.  this is a waste of resources, time, energy, glass and all else good in this world.


Pros: Quality Ingredients and packaged in Amber Glass

Cons: Not available in convience stores yet!

This is the most authentic Kombucha I have found on the market.  I make my own and will buy High Country Kombucha when I am between brews.  There flavors are top notch and they package in amber glass which protects the beneficial bacteria.  You will also notice their new embossed bottle that is once again high quality.  I keep them and use them again.  I cannot dispose of such a nice bottle.  Go to your local natural food store and buy one.  You can check out the web page.  www.hckombu.com


Pros: Organic

So the first time I tried High Country kombucha, I had Goji Berry and Original.  Neither of them really did it for me.  They seemed to be more on the vinegary and acidic side of the kombucha scale  They just didn't really float my boat.


But that was quite a while ago.  Now I've had a number of different kombucha brands.  GT's, Kombucha Botanica, Lev's, Kombucha Wonder Tonic, Kevita (or Kefira), Vibranz, and a few others.  So I decided to give High Country another try with the Elderberry Hibiscus flavor (particularly since Elderberry and Hibiscus are two of my favorite Kombucha Botanica flavors).  And let me tell you, this will now be in my regular kombucha rotation.  I'm a fan.  Now I've just got to go back and have the other flavors...

High Country Kombucha Tea

High Country Kombucha contains billions of probiotic flora that greatly enhance the digestive process. For generations, Kombucha has been consumed by millions of people around the world because of its rejuvenating qualities. Available in: Passion Flower, Lemon Myrtle, Chai Spice, Elderberry Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Original, Goji Berry, Ginger, Wild Root, Aloe

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