GURU Energy Drink-GURU Lite


Pros: 10 calories, organic, all natural, sweetened with luo han guo and stevia, slightly carbonated

 I am not usually a great fan of Lite or Diet drinks and wasnt a fan of their 8.3oz GURU Lite at all but when they came out with the new 12oz can and improved flavor I was shocked: It really tasted good and you couldnt even tell that it's a "Diet Version" of GURU. 

And maybe something else that influenced my opinion: Peres HIlton loved it and Madonna too (I heard she mixes it with Coconut juice!)

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GURU Energy Drink-GURU Lite

Spark up with the World’s First 100% NATURAL Low Cal Energy Drink Scientifically developed for health-conscious lifestyles using the latest in beverage technologies, GURU Lite Energy Supplement is the low calorie version of its original formula. It embraces the same high quality standards that earned GURU Energy Supplement its solid reputation. It is now possible for everyone to enjoy GURU's efficacy, great taste and 100% natural ingredients, without having to worry about the calories. 100% Natural Only 10 calories - 2g carb (per serving) Sweetened with luo han guo and cane juice concentrates Lightly carbonated No preservatives No taurine No artificial ingredients

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