GURU Energy Drink-Full On Lemonade


Pros: organic, all natural, non-carbonated, sour,

 Very surprised, pleasantly surprised: GURU Full on tasted like an actual Lemonade. Nice and sour (maybe too sour for some people but I love sour).

Found this cool mix: Schweppes+GURU Full on:

Really recommend trying this mix. See, I really love GURU Full on anyway but it's nice to "add bubbles" when in mood :-)


GURU Energy Drink-Full On Lemonade

Human Fuel for Active People Who Need to Perfom Here’s an energy drink hybrid created especially for athletes and sports enthusiasts. An all-in-one energy drink and isotonic sport drink that will let you push it to the max while staying perfectly hydrated. Oh and no, you won’t suddenly get the urge to parachute off a building. 100% Natural & Certified Organic Rehydrates Ideal for physical activity Non-Carbonated No taurine No preservatives or artifical ingredients

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