GT's Kombucha Synergy Organic & Raw Reviews

Positive Reviews


The best drink there is


Pros: multiple health benefits from fermentation

Cons: cost

 I drink one or two Kombuchas every day when I visit Florida during the winter. It's hard to find a healthy drink other than pure water and this was a welcome discovery. Being a health fanatic I know about the benefits claimed - simply put, fermented foods and drinks have many natural health advantages you won't find elsewhere, though some health gurus advise against fermentation. Either way, the drinks taste like flavored champagne to a degree - never too sweet but with a real zing. The cost is high but you are getting two 8 ounce servings. We have all been spoiled price wise by large soft drinks at low prices - but it's never a bargain when you are poisoning yourself. I'll say it again,...
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Surprise Surprise


Pros: healthy and refreshing

Cons: pricey...acquired taste

So, I got lucky yesterday. And by that I mean I happened to be wandering around Whole Foods during a period of taste-testing. Woohoo!! I quickly found the Kombucha Synergy table (out of recent curiosity and a not so favorable experience) and decided to give it a whirl.  My mom and stepdad have been drinking this stuff for a long time now. I think they get a whole case of it from Costco and they really do drink it almost daily. I keep seeing it around and hearing about it here and there and so I asked to try a sip of my mom's one night that I was visiting - the Mango flavor.  YUCK! BLEH! PLEGH! (<< It didn't go so well.) I think this initial response was due to some preconceptions on...
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Negative Reviews


If You Enjoy The Taste of Vinegar!


Pros: Tastes Like Vinegar

Cons: Able to take out mortgage on house to buy

The bottle is pretty and I enjoy guava, so I thought I'd give this drink a try with my lunch today.  My lunch today cost more than any other lunch I've had at that particular deli, and when I asked why the cashier told me that Synergy drink was $3 a pop.  Dang!  I expected great things.  So imagine my delight when I opened the bottle that I was hoping to pair nicely with a chicken curry na'anwich, and encountered the strong aroma of vinegar.  YUM!  Not. Tastes like vinegar too.  I suppose there was a slight aftertaste of guava... I thought maybe my bottle had gone bad, so I googled, "Synergy organic and raw tastes like vinegar" and saw that I was not the only one.  Is it the Kombucha that...
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Don't be blinded by labeling!


Pros: Looks good

Cons: Deceiving

I am a avid kombucha drinker and do think GT Dave has good intentions.  I do have a bone to pick with the labeling on these bottles.  I'm not sure what is being told is legal.  If it actual cured cancer it should cost a heck of a lot more than three dollars.  I do know that pure love is not an ingredient but must be his idea of black tea and sugar.  The product is decent but if you want to ensure quality you may want to try an other kombucha tea this is more straight forward with their claims. 

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Crazy stuff


Pros: Many purported benefits

Cons: Can the purported benefits be true?

The bottle claims that the Kombucha has offered such benefits as, "increased energy levels and decreased appetite, to improved digestion, healthier skin and hair, and even a stronger immune system.* then notes that these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. That said, I like the story that the founder started the business after his mother had success with Kombucha in her battle with breast cancer. The tea goes through a rigorous process of preparation including fermentation that gives it a refreshing fizziness. I can't say I love the smell of the kind I had, but the taste was good and if the health claims are even 1% true than it's better than crackin open a Snapple.  At $2.99...
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Not cheap...but good 'n' different


Pros: Not too sweet, raw food, organic, effervescent

Cons: Pricey, effervescent

Yes, I did say that the effervescence of this drink is both a pro and a con.  Explain, you say?  Okay.  I will explain...I wouldn't exactly call the drink bubbly.  And it's not effervescent in the same way that your average carbonated beverage is's kind of....tingly, you might say.  And I haven't quite decided if I like it.  I think I do.  But it takes a little getting used to. Beyond that, it's definitely a different kind of drink.  Kombucha is a tea, but the Synergy drinks are mixed with 5% juice...and it's just unlike any other iced tea I've had before.  It's raw, first of all.  There's also some fermentation that happens so they do warn you on the back of the bottle...
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