Grocery Cart Tote by Eco Totables


Pros: Made for the grocery cart. Strong, stylish, has a large capacity and has a secure closure

Cons: Cant think of one.

This is the smartest bag to hit the market. I bought it online and havent stopped using it since. It commands attention. Everyone stops me in the market and asks "Where did you get that bag"? It is made for the grocery cart and can hold up to 2 bags in one cart. This bag is smart! I have it in blue and green. I am definietly giving these bags for Christmas!

Grocery Cart Tote by Eco Totables

This bag will not only make you an environmentally friendly consumer, but also stylish and chic. Best as a grocery tote, this bag is made of 600 denier vinyl backed polyester. This water resistant material is easy to clean and perfect for carrying liquid or frozen items. It folds like a paper bag, will hold its shape and stand upright. Water resistant. Cleans easily with a wet cloth. In the square center of the bag, Eco Totables or Totecos is printed with Environmentally Conscious Opportunity underneath. This product is designed and made in the USA. Size: 11w x 16h x 7d

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