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LED Streetlight Specification and strengths for us: 1. Energy saving, LSZM-LED lamps use HB high-power semiconductor light source with high efficiency, saving power more than 70% than conventional high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide; 2. Environment friendly, LSZM-LED lamps don’t have lead, mercury, and other highly toxic pollutants, pollution-free environment; to use environmentally friendly power supply design, power factor ≥ 0.98, harmonic ≤ 0.1, without interference on the power grid; bad glare-free, non-life Habitat Light pollution; 3.Unique structure of the new design. The invention of modular light source; scientific rectangular design equipped with light distribution; the world's first street lights precincts optical system; patents and waterproof light lens design integration; cooling system and street lights shell design, cooling system, high-purity polymer materials, A small thermal resistance, and continued to light up the whole lamp temperature less than 56 degrees Celsius; 4, intelligent control systems. Current precision to ensure the efficiency of the LED light source an average of ≥ 90Lm / W; wide input voltage used all over the globe, 85 ~ 264V high and low intelligent switching, the same illumination; soft-start design, to avoid direct current to the LED chip impact on the effective protection of the LED, To extend its life span; 6 hours after the lights, automatic power by half, saving energy again; 5. four-way adjustment of lighting angles. For different types of road, the poles of different pitch, LSZM-LED lamps use four-way adjustment of the technical point of view (the world's original), a one-way road width of up to 16 meters, the farthest distance between the poles of up to ± 25 m ; 6, the appearance of simple, thin, stylish, generous, the overall weight of not more than 11 kg ; 7. High color rendering index, good color, a variety of optional color temperature. The color of a truer and brighter, good-identification; on different occasions to meet the demand for color temperature 8, is the best light supporting solar-powered lighting. It’s of Low-voltage, high-efficiency of lighting, energy-saving and environment-friendly to achieve optimal cost-effective for human beings.

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Thousands of BTUs per panel per day
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