Pros: Covers a broad range of green topics and products, lots of cool photos, great writing

Cons: Sometimes you have to be patient for a new post

I've been reading GreenUpgrader for at least six months now...once I started, I just couldn't stop!  It made my RSS reader very quickly and has certainly given me some good inspiration for Huddler forum posts.


The site is really easy to navigate.  It's not cluttered with extraneous information or advertisements.  Each post always has a sweet image (or many sweet images), so the whole thing is very visually appealing.  Unlike some other blogs (which shall remain nameless), this one isn't too much to handle.  You don't get overwhelmed, you find what you're interested in, and presto chango, you're pleased.


As for the content...the good folk at GreenUpgrader cover all sorts of stuff.  They've posted a fair bit on everything from cool eco-tech to Doug's homemade lamps to crazy veggie spiders to recycled skateboard jewelry. full disclosure, I have chatted with Matt (GreenUpgrader's founder) a few times, so perhaps I'm a wee bit biased now, since he's super nice and has been good to us over here at the Huddle.  But I would have said all those things anyway. 


In any's a solid blog.  Definitely worth checking out.


looking for ways to upgrade to a greener life? this site has all the best idea, from technological toys to exposing greenwashing ploys. Great stuff!


Pros: We are awesome!

Cons: ... sometimes too awesome :(

Now we shouldn't be reviewing our own site so I'll leave that up to the people of the interweb, but I'd like to say we are pumped to be here on Huddler!

We at greenupgrader believe being Green doesn’t have to be difficult and it shouldn’t feel overwhelming. I think we can all agree that we, as a community, need to take better care of the earth, our home. What’s not as easy to agree on is how to go about it. Instead of telling you how to live, we are going to provide you with options that can help you live a Greener life. We want to make sustainable living accessible to everyone, because we believe that if everyone makes at least a small change, the impact will be big! To help you along your journey to being Green, we will bring you interesting and novel products and ideas that can help you live Greener. The topics we feature will vary levels of eco-friendliness, from Light Green products that only offer minor improvements, to Dark Green items that represent a paradigm shift in sustainable living.

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