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Greenlite Mini CFL

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Pros: Okay when it works

Cons: Unreliable and warranty is meaningless

I purchased 4 Greenlite bulbs from an Ebay seller.  One failed almost immediately so I decided to try to make a warranty claim. Ha!  After filling out online forms wanting all kinds of information I was able to get conformation that my claim had been received.  I waited weeks to receive a check for a lousy $2. Not sure where they think I can find a replacement for that price at the wattage I require.  This company has a worthless warranty and the products don't seem very reliable to me.  Do not buy from Greenlite.

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Agreed. Greenlite usually caters to the lower end of the market. They sell in independent Ace Hardware and True Value stores. Unfortunately, many utilities use the brand, too. I recommend sticking with the major brands/manufacturers.