Greenlite Mini CFL


I helped out with a church fundraiser in which we sold these bulbs. $3 per bulb with the church getting $2 for each bulb sold. It was a great deal and we sold nearly 1000 bulbs. At home, we have replaced every bulb in the house and have not had any complaints.


Pros: Low energy, good lighting

Not much to say about these CFLs - they're energy efficient and provide good quality light. They were discounted under PG&E's Residential Lighting Program, so I got them for about 50 cents per CFL!


Pros: Okay when it works

Cons: Unreliable and warranty is meaningless

I purchased 4 Greenlite bulbs from an Ebay seller.  One failed almost immediately so I decided to try to make a warranty claim. Ha!  After filling out online forms wanting all kinds of information I was able to get conformation that my claim had been received.  I waited weeks to receive a check for a lousy $2. Not sure where they think I can find a replacement for that price at the wattage I require.  This company has a worthless warranty and the products don't seem very reliable to me.  Do not buy from Greenlite.


Pros: Save electricity.

Cons: Don't last. Dangerous.

These bulbs are advertised to last up to 9 years.  Most of them haven't lasted 9 months!  The company will not respond to my request for them to honor the warranty.  I have wasted a lot of money and time with these made in China inferior quality CFL's.  I now have a box full that I have to dispose of properly through a disposal agency.  I hope they do it properly and the mercury does not get into the environment.


Pros: cheap

Cons: short life

I purchased enough of these products for my entire home.  The bulbs immediately began to fail.  The manufacturer says the life on the bulb is seven years.  About 20% of mine lasted less than seven hours.  Not only is economically disastrous but with the environmental problems of compact florescent bulbs that causes environmental disaster as well.  I think only about 10 to 15% of the bulbs lasted over a year.  On the other hand 95% of the incandescent bulbs that I have before lasted five years and are still working what I replaced them with the CF bulbs.  Other CF bulbs I've had have performed well But as I stated greenlight is a truly awful product financially and environmentally.

Greenlite Mini CFL

Energy Star Qualification Yes
Additional Features
Average Life Hours10,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent100 Watts
Bulb ShapeSpiral
Base Type
Available Color Temperature
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC