Green Vehicles Triac Reviews


1ST EV with lithium


Pros: lithium batteries, access to car pool lane, unique look, fun to drive, a real eye catcher, turns sharp

Cons: under NDA so I can not list any

I have had mine about two months now, it is so awsome to have the great range that lithium offers over lead acid. For the cost of lithium now I do not understand why lead acid is not the standard. In my ZENN the discover batteries cost about $2, 500 to replace. Lithium batteries that cost $3,000 would increase the range from 25 miles up to about 40-45 miles. they would last 5 times longer. This means to go the same distance over time the lead acid would cost $12,500 compared to lithiums $3,000. Kind of a no brainer. Driving a stick shift was a little hard getting used to. I would have rather had automatic, but did not want to wait. The range quoted seems to be fairly accurate (100 miles @...
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