Green Forest White Facial Tissue


Pros: soft, durable, recycled paper

Honestly, I didn't even notice that I was using Green Forest tissues at work until I was browsing the Huddler product list - that is a true testament to how good these tissues are!
First of all, I have had these tissues since January, have not-so-judiciously used them through 3 months of colds, sinus infections and coffee spills, and amazingly, still have not run out. When it comes to green paper merchandise, I cringe at the thought of rough reycled products touching my beautifully moisturized skin. But these tissues really aced the test and proved themselves to be useful, enduring and gentle.

So for an item that we use a lot of and go through rather quickly, Green Forest Tissues is a must-purchase product.


Pros: Cheap and environmentally friendly

Cons: A little rough- not good for colds

I was trying to decide between buying the Green Forest brand and buying the Seventh Generation brand of tissues. They were the same price, but there were 75 more tissues in the Green Forest box. That pretty much took care of that decision for me.

They seem to hold up well enough to sneezes, but they are a little rougher on the nose than some of the softer Kleenex tissues. If I had a cold that required constant nose wiping, I would find a softer brand of tissue. For every day usage- which for me is a couple sneezes and a few nose blows, thanks allergies!- these are just fine.


Was skeptical to buy/try.  Bought, a little rough, but i've had worse.  Could use for everyday blowing, but once cold/allergy season comes around, may need to try a hemp hankie or something softer.

Green Forest White Facial Tissue

Green Forest Paper Products Are: * 100% Recycled Paper * 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Content * Soft & Absorbent * Economical to Buy * Whitened Without Chlorine * Hypo-Allergenic * Unscented Green Forest products are soft, strong, and absorbent, and are soft on the environment as well! Many "environmentally friendly" household paper products do a good job for the earth, but they feel stiff and scratchy. We have discovered state-of-the-art papermaking technology that not only makes paper that meets very advanced environmental standards, but the paper is also very bright and extremely soft. Try Green Forest paper products for yourself! Green Forest White Facial Tissue: Paper Made From Paper 175 Unscented 2-Ply Tissues, 8in x 9in (20.3 cm x 22.9cm)

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