Green Forest Unscented Bathroom Tissue Reviews

Positive Reviews


Perfectly adequate


Pros: Soft enough

Cons: Not super cheap

I am currently just in awe (read: appalled) at how much toilet paper my house has been going through lately.  I think someone may be sneaking into our bathroom at night and taking it.  I don't understand where it's going..... Anyway...I bought a few rolls of Green Forest last week to hold us over until I can go buy a big package of something recycled.  It's perfectly adequate.  It's definitely softer than some other brands I've tried (namely Whole Foods 365 brand) but it costs a little more.  I'm not recalling quite how tightly (or not tightly as Oakling pointed out) it's rolled...but it didn't strike me as too different. In a nutshell, it's not a bad toilet paper choice.  Unless I go...
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Great, soft paper


Pros: recycled, no chlorine, soft

Cons: price

This is the first chlorine-free paper I have bought and I am very pleased with it. It is softer than some of the cheaper grocery store papers out there and very strong. This way you can use less. I got the 12-pack, single rolls for around $5.00. I would prefer to purchase double rolls if they had them. The price might be too steep for the amount of sheets you get for some people. Try it, compare to what you are using now and decide for yourself. This is how much paper you get in the 12-pack: 12 Rolls, 2-Ply, 198 Sheets per Roll 297 sq ft (27.59m2), 4.5 in x 4 in (11.43cm x 10.16cm) Update: I have compared this paper to Seventh Generation and in a nutshell here is what I think: Green...
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Negative Reviews


Completely dreadful


Pros: Better than not having any toilet paper.

Cons: Expensive even for recycled chlorine-free paper; extremely loosely rolled; seems like they're conning the consumer.

This was, indeed, far too few sheets per roll for me. It is comparable in cost to Seventh Generation's toilet paper - sorry, "unscented bathroom tissue" (and may I never run into scented bathroom tissue!) - but provides much, much less. These folks offer 198 sheets per roll, Seventh Generation (and many other brands) offer about 500. Looking straight down at the top of the roll makes the difference obvious. Green Forest is very loosely rolled; the gaps between layers are visible, and it is easy to squeeze the roll and compress it more closely. If they wrapped their 198 sheets as tightly as normal toilet paper rolls are wrapped, the rolls would obviously be quite a bit...
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Not bad


Pros: Soft

Cons: Not much there

I bought some of this to get me by because the store was out of Seventh Generation brand TP.  This brand is ver soft to the touch but there sure isn't much on the roll.  We used this up really fast at our house.  Therefore, I didn't feel like it was a good buy.It also seems to seperate, meaning the two plys come apart, very easily.  I know this isn't a big deal but boy is it thin when you only have one ply!Overall, it seems softer than the other brands I've tried but I don't think I'd purchase it again unless it was to just get me until I could buy something else.

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NO reason not to use this


Pros: Meets all standard criteria, particularly nice pattern, good value

This product meets all the standard criteria - white, soft, 2-ply - and has a nice pattern AND comes in a value pack.

kinda thin...but worth it


Pros: non-cholorine

Cons: a bit thin

ok, so not as great a charmin, but i rather be nice to the environment...i mean the paper's getting flushed anyway..who cares if it's pretty to look at or has a scent to it (i don't get picture printed and flower scented toilet paper, do they even do that anymore? it's been so long) i will say i like that green forest is cheaper than 7th gen. gives everyone a chance to be green.

Too Rough


Pros: Green paper - no chlorine used, good company philosophy

Cons: expensive, not very soft, rolls are too small

Our family began using environmentally friendly paper products quite some time ago and have discovered it's difficult to find toilet paper that is soft & green. Green Forest is softer than some others on the market, but a roll of this TP doesn't last more than a day in our house. Green Forest is a good product and I will purchase it when I can find it on sale, otherwise I look for a better bargain for my money.