Green Energy DeMakeup Cleanser

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Green Energy DeMakeup Cleanser

Green Energy DeMakeup cleansers remove surface impurities and deep cleanses clogged pores. Gentle enough to remove make up, it won’t dry or irritate the delicate eye tissue.melts onto the skin to eliminate toxins and traces of makeup, leaving your skin soft and smooth, is well wash away by water. This is the real organics soap-substitute. Dermatologist-tested for safety. Available in 5 Scents: Fleur D'Orange is from Sicily sun, a fresh Multi-Vitamin cleanser, the perfect combination of refinement and effectiveness, delivers a complete anti-ageing action to the heart of your cells: anti-wrinkle, firmness, radiance, nourishment and anti-dark spot. Fruit will soothe and remove impurities from all skin types! Contains Grape extract, a quintessential antioxidant from red grape seeds which revitalizes. Leaving your face feeling absolutely gorgeous, Fruit encourages dramatic cell renewal without causing redness. Skin feels super clean, soft and smooth, never tight or dry. Mediterranean Olive has been recognized for its natural moisturising, and regenerating properties for centuries. Olive is great for sensitive skin, eczema, itchy skins, or ultra devitalized skin. Plant is ultra-light silky creamy, fights against imperfections with its ultraconcentrated unique healing formula, which results from the vapour distillation of certified organically grown plants. Good for combination and oily skin. Ultra rich in vitamin A, C, E, B1, Omega-3, Omega-6 ,Omega-9, antioxidant help to reduce the damage and aging caused by sunlight, but improve collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Cocoa is a delicious cleansing cream, you will be astonished how lovely and soft your face feels and the effectiveness of this cleanser. Full of energy originating from the heart of delicious chocolate, treat from your nose to your toes! Recommended for any type of skin, especially for skin lacking in vitality, dehydrated and stressed.

Additional FeaturesEcocert Certified
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Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
Percent Organic100
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