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Green Bag Polypropylene Reusable Bag Reviews


Gotta love a free reusable bag


Pros: Lots of places give them away for free, reasonably sturdy

Cons: Don't last forever if you're carrying heavy stuff a lot

These are a great utilitarian bag.  Most places that give away free reusable bags give away Green Bags (of course, branded with their sweet, sweet green message).  I have at least 4 floating around between work and home from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco, from West Coast Green...I think I even have one from Marin County.   In any case, they fold up pretty easily (once you take out the plastic bottom) and are very light weight so it's easy to stick one in your pocket or in another bag.  They don't keep their shape very well if you take out the bottom, so beware before you lose it (I've definitely misplaced mine so I end up carrying around rather oddly shaped bags from the...
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They do the job

We bought a few of these from our local grocery store to avoid using plastic or paper bags. The canvas bags we had before that just weren't big enough. I don't like the way they look but they do carry a lot more things than many of the other reusable bags out there and they are really lightweight. Another inconvenience is that they have this plastic bottom that does not let you fold them really small and fit them in your purse or something. You can take it out but they are pretty much useless without it. So we end up up keeping all these bags inside each other and take them with us when grocery shopping. The fact that they are square, makes organizing them in your trunk really easy. As...
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