GrabGreen Laundry Detergent Reviews


not bad


Pros: easy to use

I tried out this laundry detergent and loved the ease of just tossing a pod into the wash.  However, it's cleaning power was not spectacular.  I threw in a couple of my kids shirts wihthout pre-rinsing just to see how they would do and this detergent didn't remove a single spot.  And they weren't bad stains, just typical spots.  I suppose this stuff wouldn't be bad for adult clothes with no stains or spots, but I wouldn't recommend it for kids clothes unless you pretreat everything first.

Grab Green and Go! Cool


Pros: Very convenient! Dissolves readily! Cleans well!

Cons: None that I see

I was asked to review this product and I like it a lot.  It is so cool to drop in premeasured packets.  No mess and they dissolved very quickly.  My clothes came out looking well.  It was nice to be able to use such a nice eco friendly and handy detergent.  I would definitely look for this product in the future.  I give it an "A".

Not So Bad Laundry Detergent


Pros: Convinient, less detergent used per load compared to other brands

Cons: Expensive

I hate doing laundry. I'm not very good at it and I don't have much time for it. Because my girl's still have accidents at night, I use cloth diapers on my baby, my husbands doesn't conserve clothes, and because I breastfeed hormones make my clothes smell funny, so I have a lot of smells and stains to wash out of a lot of clothes. Don't even get me started on our dingy socks. Oh, and our washing machine is old and dingy too, so anything that helps me make doing laundry easier I welcome with open arms. Throwing a pod (or 2 for my bigger loads) of grabgreen laundry detergent in  every load was very helpful. I didn't spill any powder doing this (this saves a lot of soap which = money saved)...
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Very User Friendly


Pros: Pre-mesured packets

Cons: cost is more per load

I was a tester of this product.  I really loved the easy to use packets.  Having a teen in the house and trying to teach him daily living skills, the packets made laundry lessons a snap!  The packets dissolved instantly in the cold running water.  I was a bit worried the there might be some residue but I sure didn't find any, even on dark clothes. The packets are a great thing to take with you on vacation if you are having to do a load of laundry while you are away.  It is much easier to pack these than to pre-measure powder into baggies. The cost per load is more than other detergents but it's green score would make this an attractive alternative.  I would recommend this product and...
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As good as it can get


Pros: non-toxic, softens clothes, less packaging

Cons: didn't remove strong smells and tough stains

This is quite an interesting detergent and impressive I might add. First I was impressed by the list of ingredients. It's the first time I see all the ingredients of a laundry product listed in such a prominent way on the package. Not only that, I see nothing scary in it and I applaud. The second thing that I found rather pleasing was the individually packed dosages. They are very convenient, especially for people that have to go to the laundromat or the basement, or anywhere outside their dwellings, to do laundry. This way you don't have to carry a whole box with you. You can just toss the little packet in with the clothes and stick everything in the machine. Another advantage for me is...
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yea for good ingredients, yea for diaper safe!


Pros: great ingredients and diaper safe product, convience

Cons: expensive

I got this free to test for huddler and was super excited as soon as I read the ingredients, cause this product is cloth diaper safe, and cloth diapers are the ultimate test for any laundry detergent :) So I tossed a couple pods in with a load of cds and waited to see what happened. I was fairly sure of the results already as the ingredients are very similar to what we use already in the detergent that I make.  These pods are made of sodium precarbonate and soda ash, which is a bonded powder form of washing soda and hydrogen peroxide and then plain washing soda. The detergent I've been making to use most recently has been a few boxes of washing soda and 1 bar of grated homemade castile...
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good laundry detergent option


Pros: non-toxic, convenient, no fragrance or dye

Cons: a little pricey, doesn't dissolve well in cold water

For the past few months I've been using Tide Coldwater as my laundry detergent, so that will be my basis for comparison. Tide has a significant advantage on price.  It only costs around 10 cents per load, whereas GrabGreen costs $7.50 for 24 loads - about 3 to 4 times more expensive.  On the other hand, if you only do 1-2 loads of laundry per week like me, the $7.50 worth of GrabGreen pods will last 4-5 months.  Not exactly a bank breaker. The GrabGreen pods got my laundry as clean as Tide, maybe a little cleaner.  They also claim to have a softener, which is good because the one problem with hanging clothes out to dry is that they tend to stiffen up.  I actually left them out longer than...
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