Goose Island Lamar Street Organic Pale Ale Reviews


Good Beer?


Pros: Great taste

Without a doubt, Im not a beer connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. What I do know is what I like. I had this Organic Pale Ale not long ago and I have to say it's a delicious, refreshing, non-watered down pale ale. Whiskey on the rocks just cant match up with a cold beer on a hot day, and since summer is on the way, this pale ale will fit the bill perfectly. If you aren't a big beer fan but want to drink some that is organic, not bitter, and easy to drink then pick up a sixer (or more) and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice refreshing pale ale


Pros: organic, not too hoppy, crisp

I'd never seen Lamar Street Organic Pale Ale before but last night when I was cruising the aisles at Whole Foods, it caught my eye.  So I picked up a 6 to give 'er a whirl.  And I liked it!  It's got kind of a malty smell.  Flavor wise, you start off pretty full bodied but end with a nice crisp finish (no bitterness).  It's got some citrus undertones and isn't too hoppy, which makes it easy to drink.  I didn't get tired of it after one bottle and even went in for a second.  It didn't exactly knock my socks all the way off, but I enjoyed it for sure.  Not to mention, it doesn't come with the premium price tag that some organic beers carry.  I'd definitely get it again.