Good Society Slim Leg Jeans Reviews


They might dye your legs, but they're comfy


Pros: made with organic cotton, fair trade

Cons: dye rubs off a bit, "slim leg" deson't fit in all boots

On the whole, I do like these Good Society Jeans (I've got them in the dark Linden wash).  I haven't washed them enough that the dye isn't rubbing off them even though I've had them'd say at least 6 months.  In part, that actually results in me wearing them less...because I feel guilty about washing them alone.  In any case, the first time I wore them, they actually left my legs rather blue, and they still rub off on my hands if I ever forget and use them to dry my hands after I wash them.  Definitely a bit of a con. In terms of style, they're "slim leg" - they're not exactly skinny jeans that are tight all the way down your leg.  These get sort of "textured" (meaning it's...
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