Good Society Slim Leg Jeans


Pros: made with organic cotton, fair trade

Cons: dye rubs off a bit, "slim leg" deson't fit in all boots

On the whole, I do like these Good Society Jeans (I've got them in the dark Linden wash).  I haven't washed them enough that the dye isn't rubbing off them even though I've had them'd say at least 6 months.  In part, that actually results in me wearing them less...because I feel guilty about washing them alone.  In any case, the first time I wore them, they actually left my legs rather blue, and they still rub off on my hands if I ever forget and use them to dry my hands after I wash them.  Definitely a bit of a con.


In terms of style, they're "slim leg" - they're not exactly skinny jeans that are tight all the way down your leg.  These get sort of "textured" (meaning it's like their extra long skinny jeans so that when you pull them up so that the bottom of the pant is actually at your ankle, you get these little folds of extra cloth down your calf and ankle).  That's not necessarily a bad thing, just keep in mind that if you're a jean-in-boot-tucker, these will really only comfortably work in loose boots.  They're not medium rise but they're also not super low, so I actually often times end up wearing these without a belt because they simply sit a little higher than a lot of my other jeans. 


Of course, I do really like the fact that they're made with organic cotton and they're fair trade.  Compared to other kinds of designer jeans (i.e. Seven for All Mankind or Citizens for Humanity, etc) which aren't organic (and also probably not fair trade), they're cost competitve if not cheaper.


I think I would probably get them again...just maybe in the Medium Vintage wash.  I also might recommend going for a size down because mine actually seem to stretch out a fair bit.  But...I'll get back to you on that one.

Good Society Slim Leg Jeans

The Good Society label centers around its collection of fairly traded 100% organic denim with clean styling and a fit that ensures it will be the pair you wear to look good and feel great. * Lower rise, slim leg jean * Button fly, standard back pockets * Dark 'Linden' Wash or Medium Vintage wash * White front button and back label * 98% organic cotton, 2% lycra * Measurements: 34" inseam; 7" front rise; 11.5" back rise, 12.5" leg opening * Japanese designed, made in India - Fair Trade

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