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GoodOnYa Bar Organic Nutrition Bar


Pros: Healthy, good flavor, raw ingredients, but nost of all it tastes good

Cons: a little mushy

The Peanut Butter Honey GoodOnYa bar ios awesome. It is really filling, healthy and tasty.


Over the past few months I have been making homemade granola bars to take on hikes around Northern CA. GoodOnYa really challenges those homemade guys in a flavor contest. In the texture category, my granola bars win. But they have things like brown sugar and butter. Not the healthiest, in short.


I plan on having one of these bars in my purse at all times from now on.


Pros: flavor, ingredients and packaging

I have been enjoying the GoodOnYa Bar for two years. I was born "green" in the 1940's and never adapted to store bought packaged food. I have always made my biking balls for  a protein  boost when I bike.

The Goodonya bar is excellent! Terrific dark chocolate, lots of flax and hemp,,just the right size and it is all pure organic goodness. Plus the green packaging is a wonderful innovative way to present this terrific enjoyable and healthy bar.


I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of the The GoodOnyaBar company at SF Greenfest - they were very pleasant to talk to and absolutely make a great product. The maple dark chocolate bar was my favorite of the samples (I also tried the peanut butter chocolate one) and it's hard to argue with the great ingredients.


They're also incredibly environmentally conscious with their packaging. My only complaint is that the bars are pretty tiny inside the packages for $3/piece, but then again, America could benefit from some portion control, ha.


Pros: Good Eco-Score/Nutrition

Cons: tastes horrible

I found this company at a street fair and tried some of their bar samples -- they tasted good; I decided to buy a box of their bars... but as I started eating the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar as a whole (not just one small sample) at my house today, the flavor tasted nasty.  The aftertaste was the worst part.  I would label my self as a healthy person but these bars just do not make the cut.  Making your own homemade bars are a much better way to go -- or buying Luna/Cliff Bars.  I can still taste the flavor in my mouth right now and want to eat something else to get rid of the horrible aftertaste out of my mouth!  But to end this on a good note, the sellers of the bar I met at the street fair were extremely nice and helpful, this bar is extremely "friendly" to the environment & the nutrition seems healthy; I just prefer to eat something healthy that actually tastes good! Though,I would not mind going to the Goodonya Deli in the future.  I am also a teenager so maybe my taste buds just need to adapt to the "healthiness" of this bar :)


Pros: best possible ingredients in the market, nutritious, raw, great snack

Cons: Sesame seeds

The bars are delicious, great for you, raw and taste great!  Except for the Peanut Butter versions which have Sesame Seeds and I'm not a big Sesame Seeds' fan.


Pros: Yummy! Healthy! Fast shipping!

Cons: Nothing

The peanut butter chocolate bars are delicious and most importantly healthy! They are perfect for a breakfast on the go.


Pros: Taste, Texture, Everything

Cons: Self control

 I truly enjoyed these! They are great tasting and filling, not to mention the flavor choices were great. I highly recommend this product.


Pros: fiber, raw, organic, biodegradable packaging, chocolate chunks

Cons: slight aftertaste

So all in all I like their Peanut Butter Chocolate, Peanut Butter Honey and Maple Dark Chocolate snack bars.  However, on the Maple dark chocolate bar I tasted a bit of an after taste--not sure if that fact is canceled out by the lovely chunks of chocolate.  Try and you decide.


Pros: Very handy and a great hearty yet sweet pick me up

Cons: A wetter bar, not dry / oaty

 Very good and the bits of chocolate are substantial - always a PLUS.  Great to keep on hand for a major boost.  I am not a big packaged bar person - but these I will gladly have.

GoodOnYa Bar Organic Nutrition Bar

There is simply no other bar on the market like the GoodOnYa bar. Organic, mostly raw and absolutely delicious. Low sugar, high nutrition. Bio-available protein and fiber. No fillers and empty calories like puffed brown rice or brown rice syrup. Our focus is nutrition. We are also the first company in the world to use Natureflex for a bar wrapper. The material is made from a sustainable source of wood pulp and is certified compostable. Incredible. This is real change. The original GoodOnYa Bar. This will always be our little special treat. Flavored with maple syrup and vegan dark chocolate chips, this makes getting nutrition, protein and fiber fun!

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