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More Than Good


Pros: great articles, graphically pleasing

 I have the education issue. Upon first impressions the magazine was just great to look through - the graphics in it are great and entertaining. Once I began to realize that the topic was one I have always been interested in I began to read through it. The articles were very informative and extensive, I learned a lot.It seems as though this magazine seems to care about doing - well - good.

Negative Reviews


not "Good" at all


Pros: none

Cons: poor customer service, a complete waste of time

I paid for a subscription and didn't receive as much as a receipt or confirmation. Didn't receive anything from them: no emails, no magazines, nothing. I emailed customer service and didn't receive a response for weeks. When they did reply to my inquiry, I was told that there was no record of my account even though a charge from their magazine on my bank statement said otherwise.Have jumped through many hoops (many emails and phone calls to different customer service numbers) in an attempt to get a refund due to their extremely poor customer service. I was told they issued a refund but the amount was for less than I was supposed to receive. Called customer service again and was promised a...
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