Good Clean Love Oils


Pros: natural, paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, smells great

Cons: takes some shaking to get much out of the bottle

Good Clean Love calls this product a love oil which, let's be honest, is a little vague - or I suppose, you could just assume it's very all purpose. And that it is.


I picked up a bottle of the Origins version of the Good Clean Love Oil at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and have given it a go with the boyfriend. I do like it a lot. I appreciate that it's natural, paraben free, and made with organic essential oils when possible. The Origins blend (made with apricot kernal oil, organic jojoba oil, vitamin e antioxident formula, and other essential oils) was the only one Whole Foods had, but in terms of a scent, it's the one I'd pick every time. It's very pleasant and not overwhelming.


The oil itself is of course oily. It's packaged in a glass bottle with a flip top - that means you have to shake out individual drops. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way if you're using this stuff as a lubricant. In fact, a little is even too much for me normally. Getting a little graphic here, the first trial of this oil resulted in a nether region slip 'n' slide. So be careful when mixing the oil with your own oils. It could get to be a little much if you're not careful.


I think I prefer to use this stuff as a massage oil. It's moisturizing and doesn't leave your skin feeling too oily as it absorbs nicely. But then we come back to the glass bottle issue. Using it as a massage oil, you tend to need a little more. So it might take a little doing to shake out the right amount. But I suppose, better safe than soaking in a $17 bottle of love oil.


All in all, I'm a fan and I would buy it again.

Good Clean Love Oils

Good Clean Love Oils are nature's aphrodisiacs - made with therapeutic grade essential oil formulas that have been enjoyed by lovers for centuries. Essential oils have been used by lovers since earliest recorded civilizations for their subtle yet deep powers to give voice to the emotional, awaken the sensual and guide passions to true union. Scent is our most basic reflex when it comes to sexual attraction. Love products that capitalize on true scent are actually waking up the limbic part of your brain, where memory, sexuality and emotion are waiting to be stirred. The gentle nudge of scents gets your arousal mechanism going and after kissing and massaging with aphrodisiac scents, your imagination (which is our most essential sex organ) lets loose. Our love oils respond to every individual's own pheromones and body chemistry so they create a completely unique and changing scent for every couple who uses them. Consider having a custom blend made for yourself or someone you love. This service provides a one hour consultation and two four oz bottles of a signature blend of love oil. The scent of desire, it turns out has more to do with our biological imperative than we might have ever imagined. Every individual's own genetic scent makeup is as unique as their fingerprint. Even more remarkable than the biological compatibility of scent between partners is the new recognition that our ability to smell is completely intertwined with our ability to feel. Our signature love oils work with a person's unique scent makeup to create a sensuous bridge between partners. As the Love Oils are inhaled and the layers of scent registered in the brain, the brain chemistry is actually changing, so that both partners are sharing the same experience. Good Clean Love Oils make touching, kissing and smelling each other better. Our oil formulas leave your skin feeling as good as it smells. They are extremely nourishing to the skin, with the ability to soften, smooth and heal the skin. Our essential oil formulas are made with pure essential oils from all over the world. We use organic and wild crafted oils whenever possible. All Good Clean Love oils are safe to use anywhere on the body. 100% vegan, edible. Available in: Origins (Deep and smooth with a woody warmth. Simultaneously relaxing and warming, the Origins blend lifts emotional blocks to a healthy sexuality and reunites you to your sensual nature.) Caribbean Rose (Smoky earthy base overflowing with sensuous rose. Deep tropical forests, moist earth filling the senses, reconnecting you to the ground, to life itself.) Indian Spice (Pungent and Spicy - A sweet balanced heat. A warm desert night, in a far off land, where spoken language is foreign, but the scents around you are reassuringly familiar...)

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